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Oleoresin 10%

Description: Celery oleoresin is an oily resin obtained from the dried seeds of celery, Apium graveolens L. After dried seeds are finely ground, celery oleoresin is formed with extraction process using organic solvents.

The primary component of the Oleoresins is extracted oil (lipid). The volatile oil is the constituent which renders the aroma and is primarily composed of d-limonene and Beta selinene.

Ingredients: 100% natural extract of Apium graveolence L

Usage Areas: In savory flavors, spices seasonings, snack foods, salads and salad dressings, soups, fish, vegetable juices, fragrances, food supplements and any other food product needing the characteristics of celery.

1 kg celery oleoresin = 7-10 kg of dried celery

Packaging: Available in 16Kg UN approved HDPE pails.

Shelf Life: 24 months

Country of Origin: India


Appearance: A free flowing dark green, oily liquid, pourable at ambient temperature.

Flavor Notes: The flavor is pleasantly sweet and bordering on the appealingly bitter. The aroma is typically celery, mildly lemon-like with an herbal undertone.

Solubility: Soluble in vegetable oils.


Natural Product

GMO Free

Stability in Taste

No Microbiological Risk


  • Lower Cost
  • Longer Shelf Life
  • Easier to Transport
  • Lower Storage Area
  • Less Carbon Footprints
  • Sustainable Product




Prepared from top-quality spices and herbs, oleoresins are great replacers of spices used in a broad range of applications in the food industry.


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