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What is an


Oleoresin is a natural extract produced by grinding or crushing a spice using a non-volatile solvent, which is later removed. Oleoresins come in the form of viscous oils and thick pastes.

Benefits of


Our oleoresins offer complete flavor, aroma, texture, and pungency of the fresh or dried spices.

Stability of taste and color: Oleoresins are more advantageous over ground spices when it comes to stability of color and taste.
Stability in heat: Oleoresins have greater heat stability than essential oils.
Economic feasibility: As oleoresins are highly concentrated, they are used at very low concentration which make spice oleoresins a lower-cost alternative to ground spices.
Shelf life: Oleoresins have longer shelf life compared to raw and ground spices.
Storage: Oleoresins are easier to transport and store than traditional spices.
Quality control: Oleoresins carry no microbiological risks.

Where are oleoresins used in?

Every day, more manufacturers are opting for oleoresins due to their economic feasibility, easier quality control, non-volatility, and lesser storage space requirement. Oleoresins are frequently used in:

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